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SEGA’s Marza Animation Studios is collaborating with Unity to make films

During this year Game Developer’s Conference, Marza Animation Studios has announced their latest film that is being made with Unity’s game engine. The short film that was revealed at GDC 2016 is called The Gift, and it is being developed by using “MARZA Movie Pipeline for Unity,” which is co-developed with Unity Technologies.

This technology uses “full, feature-quality character motions and shaders, and requires no “pre-rendering” via other programs.” Unity’sĀ use of GPU allows for artists and filmmakers to increase rendering speeds and Unity’s platform will make it possible to integrate with game production across multiple platforms.

“Sega has continually created amazing game experiences, and by creating MARZA, has brought video game technology into the film arena,” said Shinobu Toyoda, Representative Director, Unity Technologies Japan. “We were excited to collaborate with them on the idea of making cinematic experiences come to life using Unity’s platform in conjunction with the MARZA movie pipeline. “THE GIFT” is a perfect example of what can be achieved, and is a wonderful story for everyone.”

You can read the full press release by clicking here.

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