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Stella Glow is now available in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS

Our European fans will be very happy to hear that Stella Glow is now available in Europe as a physical and digital release! Originally released in Japan last June, this turn-based RPG features a beautiful soundtrack composed by Yasunori Mitsuda with over 60 hours of story and content.

As most reluctant heroes do, Stella Glow’s protagonist, Alto, starts his journey as the best hunter in his small village. One day, he hears a song coming from the forest (which is odd, since song has been absent on the planet for thousands of years), where he discovers the mysterious Hilda. But after the chance encounter, Hilda reveals she’s the Witch of Destruction, and is on a mission to “save” the world by eradicating it of all human life. Hilda starts by turning Alto’s hometown and its in habitants, but he and his childhood friend Lisette are rescued by the Regnant Knights in the knick of time. They are whisked back safely to the kingdom’s capital where Alto and Listette join the vaunted 9 th Regiment for the sole purpose of recruiting more Witches to stop Hilda’s devastating magic.

You can check out the trailer above! Have you played Stella Glow yet? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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