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SEGA Nerds Spotlight: Barry Evans


Every person has a hobby; whether it’s collecting baseball cards, reading a book, riding a bike, or playing video games, each individual finds enjoyment in doing what they love. For Barry Evans, creating a gigantic game room filled with vintage video game memorabilia is his passion.

Evans began collecting in 1991, where he started out with a small collection of arcade cabinets and Sonic the Hedgehog memorabilia. During that year, he promised himself that he would one day create a glorious game room filled with all of his prized possessions. In this latest Spotlight, we wanted to show off that very room to our fellow SEGA Nerds.

SN: What made you want to start this collection?

Barry Evans: The enjoyment of the games! I’ve always dreamed of having my own game room!

SN: What would you say is the most difficult and enjoyable part of this profession? 

Barry Evans: The most difficult part now is all the “new” collectors out there buying every single video game thing out there, inflating the prices of stuff that was once easy to acquire.

The most enjoyable part is all the good feels and memories being made from playing my favorite “now classic” games, as well as playing great new games!

SN: So Barry, what was your first gaming-related memory?

Barry Evans: Seeing Asteroids at the roller rink back in 1979!  It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!  It was magical, like the spaceship and asteroids were just floating there,  I was the captain of a spaceship in outer space!!!

SN: Did you have a favorite SEGA game growing up?hqdefault (1)

Barry Evans: Sonic The Hedgehog, of course!  FroggerZaxxon, Altered Beast, Time Traveler.

SN: What do you like to do outside of collecting new memorabilia for your game room? 

Barry Evans: Bicycling, 4 wheelin’  Vacationing (when I can!)

SN: Tells us a little bit about your upcoming projects & events

Continually adding to my collection, Texas Pinball Festival, Houston Arcade Expo,  and various toy & collectible shows!

SN: Where can people follow you and your latest memorabilia, Barry?

Barry Evans: https://m.youtube.com/user/Yesterdays92

[Editor’s note: The SEGA Nerds Spotlight is our chance to highlight some of the awesome things people in the SEGA and gaming community are doing. If you want to be featured in a future SN Spotlight look here.]

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