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SEGA to relase Shining Soul on Wii U’s Virtual Console in Japan

SEGA Games Japan is releasing more of its Game Boy Advance titles on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console, this time Shining Soul (the first of 2 games on this Shining series titles) is getting released for digital download on February 17th, 2016 for 702 yen.

Original version Release Date: March 28, 2002
Publisher: Sega Games
Genre: RPG

“Shining Soul” was released for Game Boy Advance by Sega (now Sega Games) in 2002, “Communication RPG”, part of the “Shining” series. Development by Nex Entertainment.
Players can select one of four of classes: “warrior (human)”, “magician (human)”, “Archer (Elf),” “Berserker (Dragonewt)”. Dungeon search proceeds in real time, action elements are its strong system features.



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