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Gloat-Gasm! Sonic is a Top Ten amiibo in the US!

Hello true believers.

This week, Nintendo released the Top Ten selling amiibo figures separated by region, and the Sonic amiibo ranked as the #5 seller in the US, edging out other popular characters including Mega Man, Pikachu, and even Mario!

Here’s the full breakdown as reported by Wii U Daily.

“Dafuq?” – Sonic comments upon seeing Bowser listed as the second-highest selling amiibo in the US.

United States

  1. Link – Smash Bros.
  2. Bowser – Smash Bros.
  3. Toon Link – Smash Bros.
  4. Mewtwo – Smash Bros.
  5. Sonic – Smash Bros.
  6. Pikachu – Smash Bros.
  7. Mario – Classic Color
  8. Pac-Man – Smash Bros.
  9. Mega Man – Smash Bros.
  10. Ganon – Smash Bros.


  1. Inkling Girl – Splatoon
  2. Ika – Splatoon
  3. Inkling Boy – Splatoon
  4. Mario – Super Mario
  5. Mario – Classic Color
  6. Mario – Modern Color
  7. Isabelle – Animal Crossing (Winter Clothes)
  8. Kirby – Smash Bros.
  9. Mega Yarn Yoshi (Green)
  10. Digby – Animal Crossing


  1. Mario – Classic Color
  2. Link – Smash Bros.
  3. Ika – Splatoon
  4. Mega Yarn Yoshi (Green)
  5. Mario – Super Mario
  6. Mario – Smash Bros.
  7. Pikachu – Smash Bros.
  8. Inkling Boy – Splatoon
  9. Toad – Super Mario
  10. Inkling Girl – Splatoon

Now, I’m not delusional. I realize that if you added the sales of all of the different Mario amiibo figures together, the resulting tally would almost certainly overtake the sales of the Smash Bros. Sonic figure. It’s also sad to see that Sonic didn’t crack the top ten in either Japan or Europe.

So why am I so excited? Normally, I wouldn’t even bother to report something this insignificant, but this news was particularly sweet for me. Nearly a year ago, some folks on IGN a website that will go unnamed were talking amiibo on one of their podcasts. One host mentioned that during his most recent trip to a local store, there didn’t seem to be any figures on the shelf other than Sonic. So another host, who felt like he had an insightful, professional explanation for this, interjected with his tired, tedious mantra of “Because Sonic sucks.”

Anyway, I took to social media and gave this guy a little ribbing for it. I said something about melting down a Ness amiibo for him, or something. Nothing really all that mean-spirited. He responded by calling me an “ass hole” and blocking me. No, I won’t point fingers at who it was. He had deleted his insult by the end of the day, anyway. I just had to – HAD TO – gloat… just a teensy bit.

Petty? Yeah, a bit. Juvenile? Of course! On some level, I guess he’s right. I can be a bit of an ass hole.

Thanks for indulging me!

“All that lasagna slowing you down, pasta-pants!” – Sonic comments upon murdering Mario in front of all of Mario’s friends.*
*Sonic & Mario art by Sonicolas. Check out his Deviant Art page here!

Brrrrrrraaap! Brrrrrrraaap!

The Requiem

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