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New extended trailer and composer videos for Valkyria: Azure Revolution

New information has been revealed about Valkyria: Azure Revolution with an extended trailer released by Sega. Two making-of videos were also released in regards to the music within the game. You can check the info out here:

Jutland Kingdom

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

“The main characters’ country.

Ruled by heroine Ophelia’s father, the king through a constitutional monarchy.

The king is head of state, but holds little political power. The House of Representatives and House of Lords with the country constitution form the administering royal parliament.

Located in the southern part of Europe, it has a warm climate and the agriculture flourishes out of the abundant soil, but the land lacks resources of Ragnite. Because of the hardworking diligence of its people, it is a nation founded on great craftsmanship.

In the Holy Era year 1852, four major countries met in alliance focusing on the Rus Empire, later called the “BRuFH Alliance,” and decided a baseless blockade to stop the importation of Ragnite, leading to extreme poverty. That became a big cause of the war that began the following year.

Despite being a founded on great craftsmanship, Magic Arts Industry production stopped across the board as a result of exhausted resources, and the city’s “Azure Light” disappeared.”


Valkyria: Azure Revolution

“A direct man who fights under the military rule of Rus Empire Emperor Claudius. As a young general of the empire, he’ll often stand before Amleth. He was born in Empire territory, and became a young soldier when selected for military officer training by Emperor Claudius. As a result of an experiment where Ragnite was implanted in his body, he is able to use Magic Arts of overwhelming power.”

Sega also managed to release news about the game’s “Battle Demo Ver 1.0”, which is included in the first print copies of Valkyria Chronicles Remaster.

More info can be found below:

■ About

In Battle Demo Ver. 1.0, you can play two missions:

  • Mission 01: “Morda Practice Fight” – A tutorial mission.
  • Mission 02: “Morda Suppression Fight” – An actual mission with a higher degree of difficulty.

Clear Mission 01 to unlock Mission 02.

■ Mission

01. Briefing

During the Briefing phase, you’ll receive a description of the selected mission and can check its flow and strategy objectives.

02. Mission Start

By controlling the player character, you can move around the field and battle. You’ll clear the stage when you achieve the mission goal.

03. Result

After achieving the mission goal, the results will be displayed on screen. Your rank is determined based on the number of enemies defeated and your clear time.

■ LeGION Battle System

Freely Run Around the Battlefield and Forestall the Enemy

This game uses the “LeGION” battle system. You’ll face a large number of enemy symbols arranged on the battlefield. By shooting and using your sub-weapon, aim to create a better condition on the battlefield.

Close Combat

When you approach an enemy at close range, you’ll fight using melee weapons and Magic Arts. Through high-power action, annihilate your enemies in battle.

Create a Strategy

Since the situation created on the field has a significant influence on later battles, strategic action is required.

■ Reactions

Depending on the situation, characters will have four different “reactions.” By taking advantage of each action’s features and the state of battle, it will be easier to induce the intended reaction.

  • Surprised – Triggered when something unexpected occurs. Because there is a temporary opening when someone is surprised, it can be used as a chance to attack.
  • Impatient – Triggered when in an adverse situation. Since your action frequency and motivation decreases when impatient, you can reduce the potential of a counterattack from the enemy.
  • Angry – Triggered when hostility towards the target is increased. Although anger strengthens attack, defense is decreased, so caution is required.
  • Determined – Triggered when protection awareness is increased. Since defense increases when you’re determined, defensive action is recommended.

■ Near-Death

When the HP of a party member reaches zero, he or she will enter a “dying” state and a death countdown will begin. By successfully “rescuing” party members, it is possible to revive them. However, if a party member’s death countdown reaches zero, they will enter a “dead” state and be withdrawn from battle, never again to be used during missions.
The extended trailer can be viewed here:

As well as the music making-of videos here:

[via Gematsu]


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