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Famitsu unveils new modules and songs for Project Diva X

The latest Famitsu edition has unveiled more modules and songs for Hatsune Miku Project Diva X, a title that’s coming on March 24th for the PS Vita and sometime in fall this year for the PS4 in Japan. The list includes the return of fan favorite artist Mitchie M.

diva x

New Songs

  • “Tsumi no Namae” by ryo (supercell)
  • “Ai Dee” by Michie M
  • “Akahitoha” by KuroUsa P
  • “Hajimete no Oto” by Malo (from Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd)
  • “Cool Medley” including “Unhappy Refrain,” “Mairisudame!,” “Tengaku,” “Palette,” and “Kono Fuzaketa Subarashiki Sekai wa, Boku no Tame ni Aru”

New Modules

  • “Countress” (Yuu)
  • “Anode Electronica”
  • “Cathode Electronica” (Fuzi Choco)
  • “Izayoi” (Ichiyou Moka)
  • “Rockin’ Stone,” “Dominant Stone,” “Burning Stone,” “Lightning Stone,” “Majestic Stone,” and “Wise Stone” (Nidy 2D)
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