Genesis shooter TGUN II released for free

I had the pleasure of playing Vinnie Crisafulli’s TGUN II at Too Many Games in Oaks, Pa., last year and really enjoyed my time with it.

At the time, Crisafulli only made 40 copies of the game for sale exclusively at Too Many Games, but now he’s released the game for free, and you can download it here. Did I mention it was free?

TGUN II is a shooter for the Genesis, and it stars two metal hawks named Ruby and Cobalt who traveled through space and came upon a planet named Toal that served as a bird sanctuary. The planet was being devoured by swarms of space insects, and the two hawks fought off the attackers thanks to special powers granted to them by the planet’s phantom bird. Ruby and Cobalt then sat as sentries, protecting the planet for hundreds of orbits until the space insects returned; this time with a new device called the Buzzstar.

The game contains seven levels and supports two players. One of the unique aspects of the game is you can shoot forwards and backwards to take out enemies, as well as press the “C button” to change your speed, which also effects how far your projectiles travel.

Crisafulli came onto the Nerdcast last year to talk about other games he’s developed, whether the Master System was more powerful than the NES and lots of other fun stuff. Definitely check it out.



Chris Powell

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