New PSO2 Reborn: Episode 4 information arises

During its recent “Phantasy Star Thanksgiving 2016” fan fest at the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, in Japan, on January 10th, SEGA Japan and series producer, Satoshi Sakai, unveiled new information for PSO2 Reborn: Episode 4. The information is about new skills and classes:

  • There will be a new “summoner” class, which allows you to summon beasts with a wand
  • New “charge per ring”, “Rising edge” and “Nova Strike” skills for hunter class
  • New “Tech Arts JAPP” skill for Fighter class
  • New “Keep roll shoot” skill for Ranger class
  • New “T machine gun Arts S charge” skill for Gunner class
  • New “Rod shoot” skill for Force class
  • New “One More jump” skill for Bouncer class
  • New costumes and weapons
  • New “Emperor-Rappy” bonus quest


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