ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove update shows off new characters

Gtoejam-and-earl-cosplay-nerdsreg Johnson and his team at Humanature Studios provided an update to its Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove Kickstarter backers today and reassured everyone that the game is still on track and they’re hard at work.

“It won’t be until fall, so it’s still a ways off, but the clock is ticking,” the update read.

“We are mainly just working our way through the present and character list. Adding in features and fixing bugs. We’re definitely in heads down production mode.

toejam-and-earl-caveman“We’re also focused right now on getting the networking code working and solid, and we’ve just starting in on the rhythm matching segments of the game.”

The update also introduced several new characters, like the cosplay nerds.

“These Cosplay Nerds will offer you a chance to roll with their dice. It costs a buck and you could win up to 7 bucks – or lose your money. Different player-characters have different ‘luck’ stats.”

toejam-and-earl-footballAnother new character is the Caveman, who is always hungry.

“He’s a bit like the Mole from the old game,” the update read. “He will shake you and steal the food you are carrying. You can’t really blame him, it’s not really rude for Cavemen.”

There will also be a football player. ” His vocabulary consists of ‘hut hut HUT!’ and he may knock you off the level.

toejam-and-earl-yeti“Try standing in front of an Earthling you don’t like, and sidestepping at the last moment.”

The last new character introduced is the yeti.

“This albino Yeti only hangs out in the snow, where he’s hard to see. He will poke you with his sharpened pencil and he may damage some of the presents you’re carrying. He thinks it’s funny. It’s not funny.”

toejam-and-earl-rhythm-meterThere’s also the introduction of a new game mechanic called the Rhythm Matching meter.

“Test your rhythm skillz with various Funkotronians, and earn yourself some extra bucks. This meter may tell you that you’re lame, but don’t take it personally.”

Humanature has also opened the backer kit store again, so if you weren’t able to purchase the vinyl figures, posters, coffee mugs or other digital content previously, you now have a chance to go back and pick them up. I received my figures a few weeks ago, and the quality is very impressive.

ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove’s Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in late March, raising more than $500,000, easily exceeding its $400,000 goal. It’s scheduled to be released in November for the PC and will include four-player and online play, and will include elements from the first and second games.
You can check out our exclusive interview with Johnson here.

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