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Volks releases PSO2 FOnewearl Charagumin

And so with a brand new year, the 1st news from 2016 has arrived. Japanese Model kit manufacturer Volks Inc. has released today its official Phantasy Star Online 2 Fonewearl Charagumin kit as part of the series 15th Anniversary. This huge 19 cms tall figure is available internationally for 16,500 Yen + shipping (USD $137 + shipping) you can buy directly at Volks on this link.

From the SEGA online RPG game “Fantasy Star Online 2”, FOnewearl appears in CharaGumin!! With its cute pose suggesting she is a magic girl, the figure is based on SEGA’s official illustration.
Thanks to the thorough supervision of the game development team, detailed molding and figure proportions that perfectly match the illustration become real!
Inside the box, not only FOnewearl, Mag (Lepus) and Rod, each emblem (like the axe markings) have been reproduced with decals too.
In addition, this gorgeous set also contains the Elder Rod!
You cannot miss all the axes!!


Charagumins are a special Volks Inc line that are basically big gashapon-like figures / model kits, you assemble them, almost ready to go. But don’t worry if you are not an expert in painting, fortunately Charagumin makes the plastic parts already on the color they should be, so you just have to assemble and paint small details, they even come with a set of eyes so you can use the face looking to where you want to (we did a full tutorial on how to assemble the Puyo Puyo Charagumins over here and a review over here). If you wish to now more about other SEGA Charagumins jump over to this link.


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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