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Retro Freak gets Game Gear, SG-1000 adapter this February

It looks as if Cyber Gadget will beat Hyperkin to the punch in releasing a SEGA Game Gear adapter for its respective retro system – the Retro Freak.

Earlier this month, Cyber Gadget announced its Retro Freak “Gear Converter,” which will plug into the system’s Mega Drive slot to add Game Gear, SEGA Mark III (cartridge and My Card) and SG-1000 support. A system update will also be released alongside the converter for Retro Freak owners to add software compatibility.

During E3, Hyperkin’s Product Manager Paul Leung said Hyperkin would release a Game Gear adapter for the RetroN 5 before the end of the year, but since then, there’s been no official announcement or follow up from the company regarding the adapter. Additionally, Hyperkin has never responded to any of our media queries to get clarification or update on the product.

There’s been no announcement as of yet on how much the Retro Freak’s adapter will cost. We reviewed the system recently and thought it was a great addition to any retro game collector’s library.

[Via Retro Collect]


Chris Powell

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