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Idea Factory International in the works to bring Neptunia vs SEGA Hard Girls to the west

On a recent interview with Idea Factory International President Haru Akenaga by the awesome guys at RPG Site, the company stated they are negotiating  to bring the awaited Neptunia vs SEGA Hard Girls game to the west:

RPG Site: What do you look for in an otome game that you want to localize? Do you feel that this is an untapped market, and have you seen success here?

President Akenaga: It is hard to tell since it is still so early. We did see how well Amnesia: Memories was doing. With our label, Otomate, you can see on our site that a lot of the conversation that the fans are having are about Hakuouki. So we can’t tell whether a lot of that passion is around Hakuouki or if they are loving otome as a genre. That is still hard to gauge, and that’s why it’s still early.

RPG Site: There are two games that people wanted me to ask about. You probably can’t talk about it, but there are a ton of request for Date-A-Live. People really want Date-A-Live because of the movie, the anime – people seem to really like that series right now. Also, they want to know if Hyperdimension Neptunia vs. Sega Hard Girls has a chance of being brought over.

President Akenaga (who smiled after hearing the question): For Date-A-Live, we currently do not have any plans to localize.

RPG Site: Is that something you would consider at all?

President Akenaga: Well, it’s possible, but not on our plate currently. Neptunia vs. Sega Hard Girls is on the table.

You can head over to the RPG Site to read the rest of the interview which addresses other hot topics such as game censorship, localization, and Steam.
[Source RPG Site]


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