Yakuza 5 contest winners

Last week, we invited you to celebrate 10 years of the Yakuza franchise with us by entering our Yakuza 5 T-Shirt and PS3 codes giveaways. Somehow during a police raid in Kamurocho 4 Yakuza 5 T-Shirts and codes fell from a truck, and somehow these ended on our office desk, so, as you can see we were eager to get rid of them and give them to you.

First, here’s the winners for the codes, we randomly generated numbers, and picked the people on that entry number. Our 2 Facebook winners are: Anthony Howard and David Cadena. Our 2 Twitter winners are: @Over9000Lagonic and @INaNSays. Congratulations! Please send us an email to we’ll gladly send your codes as soon as we can, just be patient, we might take some time to reply cause we regularly are busy at work.

Now, for our Yakuza 5 T-Shirt contest, we asked you to provide some funny memes based on your favorite Majimagical Moments, the results were awesome!

First our 1st Twitter winner: @billyhoush who not only made the winning meme, but also did a lot more which we are sharing below after the other entries:

Our 2nd Twitter winner: @HomieCloud made us laugh a lot with his meme:

As for our 1st Facebook winner: Nobu945 won a Tee with this one:


Our 2nd Facebook winner: Michael Way won a Tee with this other one:


So, congratulations to all our T-Shirt winners! Please send us an email with your post address to we’ll gladly send your shirts as soon as we can, just be patient, we regularly are busy at work.

Now, we want to address that we had a really hard time deciding/voting for the meme winners, your entries were awesome, specially on Twitter, so we decided to share the rest, download them an share them, they are part of their internet legacy now, hope you have the same fun reading them as the creators on posting these:

This one was part of the final voting batch, made us laugh a lot, we had a tough time voting:

Another finalist, this was awesome, almost won if not by 1 vote:

A classy finalist:

The last of the finalist batch:

Here’s 2 more entries:

We’re quite sure SEGA wouldn’t like this one… LOL

And here’s the rest of Billy’s entries:


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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