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A new giclee print of Space Harrier is now available

Space Harrier is considered by many to be a SEGA classic and one of Yu Suzuki’s best creations. Cook & Becker has collaborated with SEGA once again to bring you an amazing giclee print of Space Harrier. This print was designed by the talented Kilian Eng, who calls this piece of artwork very nostalgic.

“I have great memories of a lot of classic SEGA games. My first SEGA print Phantasy Star was a lot of fun to make and reactions to it were very positive. Space Harrier also has a lot of nostalgic value for me so this had to be my choice for a second print.”

Cook & Becker will be releasing more amazing prints in the next couple of years. You can click here to purchase the Space Harrier giclee print and check out the images of the print below!

Via Cook & BeckerĀ 


Marcin Gulik

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