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SEGA sets Chain Chronicle TV anime series for 2016

SEGA Networks Japan held a conference for its popular mobile IP, Chain Chronicle, during its Fan fest event this weekend. During this conference new events for the game and cards were announced for Japanese players, like the recent event “Climax” arc story and new moves:

But the real news for this part is that the Chain Chronicle TV anime series has been set for a 2016 release. SEGA did previously some animated shorts released as OVAs during this year, but the popularity of the franchise in Japan has pushed the company for complete TV anime series. The new series will be titled “Chain Chronicle – blende of Hekuseitasu“, and SEGA has already unveiled a special site for it.

“The black king is to try to end this world, the fate of this world will be in the hands of the heroes.”

You can watch the trailer below (which has pretty rad animation):

The conference closed with a special concert featuring Trefle singing the Chain Chronicle theme, “Battle for Justice“, perfomed by the Chain Chronicle band which features Sonic series composer, Jun Senoue, on guitars. Additional live songs included Rie Murakawa and Yuka Ohtsubo singing in duet “Canary Heaven” and “SUKI SUKI REAL” from the Character Song Album.



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