SEGA announces production for a new Ange Vierge Anime

Looks like the good pace SEGA of Japan is doing on anime productions this year will continue next year, not only Hero Bank, Chain Chronicle, and Chaos Dragon did well this year on that area, but a PSO2 anime has been set for January 2016. What’s more, Chain Chronicle and Chaos Dragon animes were based on SEGA’s popular mobile games of the same name.

Today, during SEGA Networks Japan fan festival, a new Ange Vierge Anime has been announced, yes, another anime based on a popular SEGA mobile game, which… is also based on Kodakowa’s card game of the same name. The new anime will be titled “”Ange Vierge and second disciplinarian Girl Battle ~” and it will be produced by Silver Link studio (Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow, Non Non Biyori, Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Ilya).

[UPDATE]: SEGA and Kadokawa have announced the Ange Vierge anime premiere date during this year’s Anime Japan 2016. The Ange Vierge anime will debut this July 2016. SEGA has also released and official site for the cartoon and released a trailer (watch it above).

Additionally, SEGA has opened an official twitter for the project. The SEGA x Kadokawa mobile game has spawned 2 versions in Japan already.

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