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Western Yakuza 5 date finally announced and Yakuza 0 coming to the west

The wait is over, localized Yakuza 5 launch date was finally announced for this Dec 8th at Sony’s Playstation Experience event. That wasn’t the only announcement at the Sony fanboys event, Yakuza Zero will be finally arriving to the west, sometime 2016, but contrary to its Japanese release which was available for both current Sony consoles, it will only arrive to PS4 for this region.


Yakuza 5 will be on PSN for the PS3 for $39.99. While Yakuza 0, a prequel to the Yakuza series set in the 1980’s, still has more details to be revealed in the upcoming year. Should we start to have some hope for Yakuza Kiwami in 2017 if these games take a year to come?


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