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Comparison Rodea The Sky Soldier (Wii Vs Wii U)

After almost 5 years of delays Rodea the Sky Soldier was finally released last month on November 10th 2015. Back in September 2011, Yuji Naka stated that the games development had been completed and Prope (his studio) are waiting for their publisher Kadokawa to release it.

The general opinion within the community is that the delays were made to allow Kadokawa time to port the game on to 3DS. Since the Wii has become a relic faster than Nintendo Gamecube, Kadokawa decided to port the game to WiiU. Since it’s release the game has been panned by critics. The end result has been worse than SEGA’s port of Platinum Games Bayonetta to PS3. Fortunately, Yuji Naka insisted on the inclusion of his original Wii version along with the first print run of the Wii U version. Our resident graphic artist Kopke, who has played both versions of the game was vocal about defending the Wii version on Episode 91 of Sega Nerdcast. It seems mainstream websites such as Kotaku are echoing his sentiments as well.

YouTuber BlazeHedgehog has uploaded an excellent comparison between the Wii and Wii U. It is an in depth yet concise play through I highly recommend watching it.


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