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SEGA transfers all Index shares to Sawada Holdings

In a press release issued this weekend, SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS, will transfer all shares of Index Corporation to Sawada Holdings Co. Ltd. The move was done in accordance to SEGA Holdings new structural reform, under these circumstances, as part of advancing further restructuring and review of the business portfolio of the group. This move does not affect Atlus, since SEGA Sammy separated the company from Index after acquiring it, Atlus is still under SEGA property. However SEGA will continue to develop partnership projects with Index.

Notice of Conclusion of Transfer Agreement of Subsidiary’s Shares (Index Corporation) by Subsidiary (SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.) It is hereby notified that a decision was made that SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC. (the “Company”), will transfer all shares of Index Corporation to Sawada Holdings Co. Ltd., as described below.

Description 1. Reason of transfer of shares The Group has been putting forth efforts on structural reform in order to review the earnings structure of the entire Group from a mid to long-term perspective. The Group has developed a structure to enable investment of management resources in growth areas, which include new fields such as Digital Games and Resort Business in Japan and abroad, while addressing issues in existing businesses. As part of reviewing a business portfolio held by the Group and pressing further ahead with business restructuring, shares of Index Corporation will be transferred as described below. Furthermore, Index Corporation and the Group intend to maintain a mutually friendly relationship going forward, including business ties.

[via SEGA Sammy press release]


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