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A making of Shenmue video has been translated by Shenmue Dojo

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Shenmue‘s North American release, the Shenmue Dojo has released a making of Shenmue video for you to enjoy. The video was released a little over 15 years ago in Japan to document the creation of Shenmue. In the video, you get to witness Yu Suzuki’s passion for the series and his intense work ethic. Here is the full statement from Shenmue Dojo veteran, Ziming:

Today is the 15th anniversary since Shenmue was released in North America on the Sega Dreamcast. (December in Europe) To commemorate this day we are sharing a special video that goes behind the scenes in the making of Shenmue. Back in the late 90’s NHK aired a TV program on the development of Shenmue at SEGA. They spent 6 months with Yu Suzuki as he was developing Shenmue on what would be Sega’s last home game console. English translation provided by Switch.

The video’s subtitles are available in¬†English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Once you are done watching, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Via Shenmue Dojo 


Marcin Gulik

Been a gamer all my life. Studied Sociology and Criminology in college, and traveled for a bit. I like long walks on the beach and I like to listen to... (wait wrong site....) Sega Dreamcast and Shenmue all the way!

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