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A Golden Axe remake with Odin Sphere visuals was scrapped by SEGA

When it comes to SEGA classics, Golden Axe is considered to be one of the best games of the Mega Drive/Genesis era. In a recent interview with a former high-level SEGA employee, video game journalist John Szczepaniak found evidence that a remake of the original Golden Axe was in production, but SEGA had scrapped it.

When Szczepaniak asked about the title, the former SEGA employee said its graphics resembled the visuals from Odin Sphere.

No, no, this was different. I mean, I’ve seen the one you mean, but this one I’m talking about had graphics that looked like Odin Sphere. The characters were of that quality, and the animation had that same kind of jaunty fluidity. There’s no videos anywhere……A friend of mine at Sega of America was telling me about it. They were trying to get it green lit and started prototyping the remake. He was really upset all their work was just scrapped. The work didn’t pan out. It was really unfortunate that it wasn’t released. These graphics are going to be thrown away by Sega of America.

Unfortunately, there are no images of the remake available online. Hopefully, SEGA sees the light and resurrects this potentially amazing remake.

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