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SEGA Hard Girls stage announced for Fighting Climax Ignition

SEGA Japan and Japanese Light Novel Publisher, Dengeki Bunko, held a stream earlier today to showcase information for their upcoming crossover fighting game new version, Fighting Climax: Ignition. 4 new SEGA related stages were announced for the game: SEGA Hard Girls anime Joy Joy Room (their calssroom in their anime), Wonderland Wars field (a recent MOBA pen touch arcade), The World En Eclipse, and Training Room stages will be added to this new version.



They also showcased their recently announced new characters Emi Yusa (from The Devil is a Part Timer), Kazuma Kamachi’s (Railgun, Magical Index) Heavy Object characters, Mahouka’s Tetsuya (now as playable and assist), teleporter Kuroko Shirai from Magical Index / Scientific Railgunand the support ones Uiharu Kazari from Magical Index / Scientific Railgun, Kana Iriya from “Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu” (a light novel and OVA), Asama Tomo from “GENESIS series Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere (light novel and anime series), and Zero from “Magic Book to start from zero as assist in the stream. Additionally new Fighting Climax merch was announced in the stream, they also played with a Robopitcher. You can watch the incredible SEGA Hard Girls anime Joy Joy Room footage below:

Fighting Climax: Ignition, will arrive toPS4, PS3, and PS Vita on December 17th 2015 in Japan.



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