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A 240-page book about Shenmue has been released in Spain

The Shenmue news does not seem to be stopping anytime soon! A recent post from the Shenmue Dojo has revealed that a 240-page book about Shenmue has been released in Spain.  The book’s prologue has been written by Shenmue III’s co-producer Cedric Biscay and there’s an interview with Yu Suzuki inside as well.

An excerpt from the book’s sixth chapter has also been released, discussing 1980s Yokosuka and its connection to Shenmue. This chapter focuses on the construction of the Shenmue world, the places Ryo visited, its context, its importance, and localization via photojournalism.  Our resident SEGA Nerd and graphic artist Kopke was kind enough to translate the “Contents” section into English (which you can check out below), so you could get an idea of what the book consists of.

We have included some screenshots from the book as well, which you can check out below the “Contents” section. If you would like to get your hands on a copy, you can click here to do so. The normal edition of the book costs 23€ while the limited edition is going for 25€.

Prologue by Cédric Biscay ( Shenmue III executive producer)
Chapter 1: Yu Suzuki, an underrated visionary
First Steps
Champion Boxing
Space Harrier
After Burner
Leisure years
The Virtua sagas
Ferrari F355 Challenge
Shenmue: an interrupted dream
Last years at Sega
Life after Sega

Chapter 2: Shenmue dream.
First steps
The most ambitious RPG ever done.
The Old Man and the Peach Tree
About Virtua Fighter RPG
Prototype to Shenmue’s Saturn version
Sega’s financial situation & the change to Dreamcast

Chapter 3: Shenmue’s development
Guppy’s first steps
Project Berkeley
The creation of the Open World concept
In search of visual excellence
Last adjustments
Shenmue public reception
Last glimpse of a dream: Shenmue II
The premature Shenmue II launch
Shenmue II public reception

Chapter 4: A Story about personal evolution and internal growth
Storytelling mechanism
A youngster destined to realize a prophecy
Analyzing the story actors: Ryo & Iwao Hazuki
Analyzing the story actors: The Phoenix Mirror & Yuanda Zhu
Analyzing the story actors: Ryo’s allies Guizhang & Ren: alliance and friendship
Femininity in Shenmue: The different women roles in Shenmue
Nozomi Harasaki: Friend-Zoned
Joy & Ryo: Fire vs Ice
Xiuying Hong: Strength, Wisdom and Independence
Fangmei Xun: The must to be done kawaii doses
Shenhua Ling: Balance and Internal Harmony
Analyzing the story actors: Ryo’s enemies
A complex power structure

Chapter 5: Creating a new form of gameplay
Realistic Recreation of the Universe for the contemporary sandbox origins
The importance of budget
Secondary activities
Combat system
An OST that made history

Chapter 6: Yokosuka as a portray of Japan’s 80’s
A loyal portrayal of a consumer society
Leisure fever A pleasure for all senses
China & Japan: Two cultures connected by history
Martial Arts: A symbol of national identity

Chapter 7: Exploring China, a land of legends
Hong Kong and the Brittanic Empire influence
The victory of the urban planning
Kowloon walled city: The most dangerous place on Earth
Living to gamble, gamble to live
China: Paradise of ancient martial arts
«We travel to change, not of place, but of ideas»

Chapter 8: Shenmue’s legacy
What’s Shenmue?
Chapter 2
Shenmue: The Movie
Shenmue Online
Shenmue City

Chapter 9: Phoenix and Dragon Reborn
E3 2015: Year of dreams becoming true

Chapter 10: Shenmue, a franchise made with the heart
Yu Suzuki interview
How Carlos Ramírez has experienced the game
How Ramón Méndez has experienced the game

Photo journal: Ryo’s Odyssey: a travel around Shenmue’s real life locations<

Ramón Méndez González (Ourense, 1983) is Spain’s 1st Videogame Translation and Para translation college degree doctor. He’s been in the video game industry since 2003, collaborating in different game media (Edge, NGamer, Ciberpaís, MeriStation, Gamereactor…) and translating and localizing for different companies in the industry. He has translated several game title guides and worked in over 300 game titles localizations, and awarded several times for it. In the academics field, he’s the author of the game localization book: Innovative translation fundamentals for professionals, he has several online classes and he teaches at the Vigo and Alicante Universities in Spain.

Carlos Ramírez (Sevilla, 1987) is a Bachelor in Journalism and Master in Screenwriting, Audiovisual narrative and creativity. He’s been an editor for Giant Magazine, script writer for Revolution System Games and localizing tester for Firefly Studios. He has written the “Masters of Interactive Terror” (Editorial Síntesis, 2015) essays and “From Avatar to person: Videogame Character analysis introduction”. He teaches as a script writing Master at the Sevilla College in Spain. He also writes for blogs and fiction.

Via Shenmue Dojo 

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