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SEGA issued an apology for accidentally naming a character “Boob” in Sonic Runners



If you have been playing Sonic Runners, you might have noticed a hilarious typo for one of the games’ characters. During the Halloween Special Stage Event,  one character has been mistakingly named “Boob” instead of “Boo”, which prompted an apology from SEGA:

“In the current ‘Halloween Special Stage’ event, the character ‘Boo’ has been incorrectly named ‘Boob. We are currently working on a fix for this error and hope to have one implemented shortly. The Sonic Runners team apologizes for any inconvenience caused and hopes to see you again soon in the world of Sonic Runners!” — SEGA

While this is a hilarious typo, I do hope that whoever was responsible for this is not punished too harshly. After all, it gave everyone a nice laugh! Did you see the funny typo while playing Sonic Runners? Sound off below!

Via Destructoid 

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