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Sakura Taisen Anniversary Expo opens in Japan

As we previoulsy reported, long time fan favorite franchise, Sakura Taisen (aka Sakura Wars), is celebrating its Anniversary with different activities. As part of those, a Sakura Wars exhibition of games, rare items, artwork, and merch is available for Japanese fans since yesterday, October 23rd to November 2, 2015 (Monday) at Akiba Gamers head office 7F, Tokyo, Japan. If you are luchy enough to be around there and wish to attend, you can check the store’s info here: http : // The entrance is free. Additionally, exclusive anniversary merch is being sold at the event.

Fans gathered yesterday for the opening, and enjoyed the view, have a look at the images below:


Sakura Wars, a SEGA and RED Entertainment franchise that spawned 20 games (5 main, 7 side story games, 8 spin-offs), an anime series, 7 animated movies, 6 light novels, a manga series, and 16 on stage muscial plays, is reaching its anniversary since its SEGA Saturn RPG game debut in September 27th 1996. If you wish to know mora about the anniversary activities, check out this link.


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