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Spiral Knights Halloween event has started!

SEGA of America & Three Rings game, Spiral Knights, has started its annual Halloween event, the Dark Harvest Festival. The event is a prestige mission where the player can always find the “Punkin King” and Grave Scarabs. This mission can be completed once per day and is only available during this Spiral Knights seasonal event. Every year the Strangers of Haven pay tribute to a peculiar spirit known as the “Punkin King” in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest. This mischievous phantom delights in playing tricks on his audience but is quick to reward them with delicious candies for their troubles.

The event rewards and features for this year are the following:

Collect candy tokens, then trade with Maskwell in Haven Town Square for:

  • Frankenzom masks
  • Spookat masks
  • Phantom masks
  • Scarab masks
  • Harvest Prize Boxes

Should you find yourself in possession of any interesting crafting material as a result of a Punkin King encounter, visit the Mysterious Alchemy Machine. This year, it runs through November 2, 2015. Your candy tokens and Maskwell will stick around through November 9, 2015.

Spiral Knights is a Free to Play MMORPG in which the player controls a knight who cooperatively battle monsters throughout the Clockworks, the dungeon that fills the mysterious planet Cradle interior. You can download it for free on Steam at this link.



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