Fighting Climax: Ignition Cover Artwork and bonus goods revealed

SEGA Japan has unveiled the covers for the upcoming new version of their fighting crossover game with Japanese light novel publisher Dengeki Bunko, FIGHTING CLIMAX: IGNITION. Artwork for the bonus goods to be included in Japanese store preorders such as SEGA Ebten, Ami Ami, and Dengkya has been released too:


As we reported earlierFighting Climax: Ignition features a new story mode, improved balance on characters combat systems, and new characters such as Emi Yusa (from The Devil is a Part Timer), Kazuma Kamachi’s (Railgun, Magical Index) Heavy Object characters, Mahouka’s Tetsuya now as playable and assist, and the recently announcedMagical Index / Scientific Railgun characters, teleporter Kuroko Shirai as playable,and Uiharu Kazari as assist. 

Fighting Climax: Ignition, will arrive toPS4, PS3, and PS Vita on December 17th 2015 in Japan.


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