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Hasegawa re-releasing Virtual On models for 20th Anniversary

As we previously informed in our All Japan Model Hobby Show” report, Japanese manufacturer Hasegawa is bringing back most of its Virtual On model kits to celebrate the franchise’s 20th Anniversary. Their site’s catalog has been updated with the featured models for the re-release, their release list includes the following:

  • Gamma Type R
  • Sixth Plant Type 8-1 Cho “Akushichibyoue Kagekiyo [Yama]”
  • Fei Yen PSO2 edition
  • Koushou 8th Style 1-model Kou/ Shige “Akushichibyoue Kagekiyo [Kaze/Gu]”
  • Sixth Plant Type 8-1 Hei “Akushichibyoue Kagekiyo [Rin]”
  • TEMJIN 747J [Radical Zapper]
  • YZR-8000H “MYZR Eta”
  • Fei-Yen [Final 14 Special] Blue Panic
  • RVR-62-D/77-X “Apharmd T Type D/X”

If you wish to import any of these model kits you can do so by preordering them through AmiAmi.

Virtual On, is a series of video games originally created by SEGA AM3 (later called Hitmaker!) for arcades in the 90’s, later ported for Saturn with Dreamcast, PS2, and X Box 360 sequels. The game series feature mechas designed by Gundam’s legendary Katoki Hajime, fast twin stick mecha shooting combat action, and co-op. To this day the series has a loyal fanbase due to its continuous mecha model releases and love for arcade robot combat.

Hasegawa has been releasing Virtual On model kits for more than 10 years, so they are one of the best partners for the 20th Anniversary celebration.



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