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Out-Run and Streets of Rage 2 vinyls by Data Discs coming soon


As we previously being reporting, Data Discs has been licensed by SEGA to release new vinyl remastered OST versions for some of their titles like Shenmue and Streets of Rage. Data Discs has teased today via their Facebook page they are working on Out-Run and Streets of Rage 2 releases:

We are also very excited to announce two more titles which, among many others, will feature in our 2016 line-up. First of all, we’ll be continuing our partnership with SEGA for a true arcade classic, OUT RUN, again sourcing the audio direct from the original arcade machine. We will also be collaborating again with Yuzo Koshiro on one of the greatest and most influential game soundtracks of all time: STREETS OF RAGE

Out-Run OSTs have been composed by legendary SEGA Sound Team composer Hiro (Hiroshi Kawaguchi), so it’s pretty neat this is getting a special vinyl treatment, and available this ways for the fans. Before that we only had the expensive Out-Run OST box, and the digital iTunes version. While for Streets of Rage 2 there was an old release by Yuzo Koshiro.


In the meantime, the Data Discs site is under maintenance, but you can visit it here, seems like this announcement has something to do with it.


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