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TGS 2015 : Persona 5 release date gets delayed but fans get new trailer

Atlus and SEGA have released 2 new Persona 5 videos at TGS 2015, the 1st one is a new PV (the 3rd one), while the other is a featurette showcasing gameplay and development. The second video contains an interview and explanation with P5 director Katsura Hashino, about the game getting delayed until 2016 in both Japan and the Americas for PS3 & PS4 because of the high fan expectation and the team wanting to deliver a more polished experience. Regarding that, Atlus has officially stated the following:

Atlus also announced part of the game voice cast which can be seen in the official P5 TGS website:

  • Jun Fukuyama will voice the protagonist
  • Nana Mizuki will voice An Takamaki
  • Mamoru Miyano will voice Ryuji Sakamoto.

Additionally a small scavenger hunt game has begun in Japan with the Persona 5 QR posters:




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