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TGS 2015 : SEGA CD Classic, Lunar: Eternal Blue arrives to Japanese PSN

Game Arts has released today “Lunar: Eternal Blue” digitally on Japanese PSN for PS3 and PS Vita for 617 yen.

Lunar: Eternal Blue, was the sequel to “Lunar: Silver Star Harmony“, both games being cult classic RPGs for the SEGA CD published in 1994 and 1992 respectively. The Lunar series story is about Alex, young adventurer who dreams of one day becoming a great hero, then later encounters a dragon,  and discovers he must gather the necessary power to become the next Dragonmaster with his friends, and save the world in the process.

The Lunar series are on the most sold titles of the SEGA CD library. In the meantime, while this sequel arrives to western territory or not, you can get “Lunar: Silver Star Harmony“, the 1st part here at the PSN store.


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