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TGS 2015 : Watch the Sony conference live!

As we reported earlier, SEGA has already unveiled their game & merch lineup with their TGS Stream schedule , and we also reported the “other” SEGA related streams you should follow. Among those last ones is the SCEJA Conference in which we expect a lot of SEGA related announcements! Here’s the embedded link, so you can watch it with us!

*Note: all times are in JST (Japanese Standard Time). Take in mind they are hours ahead of our western time zone.

THURSDAY 15TH (Monday 14th Central Time)

16:00 to 17:30
(00:00 Central)
SCEJA Conference

  • Possible Yakuza 10th Anniversary Announcements
  • Possible Yakuza Team New game
  • Possible Project Diva X Announcements
  • Possible Odin Sphere Remaster Announcements
  • Possible new SEGA title by Vanillaware
  • Shenmue III update… maybe???


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