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Suzuki to open Shenmue 3 PayPal on Sept. 17

Yu Suzuki was able to raise more than $6 million through Kickstarter to develop Shenmue 3. As the campaign drew to a close, many wondered just how Suzuki would be able to create the third installment in the series when the first two games required a massively more expensive budget.

Suzuki reassured fans that he could, in fact, do so with the money the Kickstarter campaign raised, but hey, more money is always better when it comes to just about everything, including video game development, right?

According to Shenmue Dojo’s DEVILLE_David, who claims to have spoken to Suzuki today in Japan, PayPal contributions will begin to be accepted on Sept. 17 for those who wish to contribute more money towards Shenmue 3’s development.

No further details were given, but David did say more information will be forthcoming soon.

You can read the full forum post here.

[Thanks for the tip, @celsowm!]

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