SEGA Japan unleashes Project Diva X demo & more at Miku Magical Future Expo

SEGA is participating in this year’s “Magical Future 2015“, and event dedicated to Hatsune Miku and the culture surrounding her in Japan. The event started yesterday (Sept 4th, cause they are more than 16 hours ahead of us) at Japan’s Nippon Budokan & Museum of Science and Technology. The event includes and exhibit, brand sponsor product reveals, and musical features.


SEGA’s features at the event include showcasing the recently announced Project Diva X demo for PS Vita (you can look more info on it on our previous report), Project Mirai DX (a title to debut here in the West next week), the Project Morpheus Project Diva demo,  and some figure collabs with Medicom (RAH Project Diva F 2nd 1:6 figure), GSC x Max Factory (a new unveiled figure for this event), and Volks Inc. (they brought Project Diva F 2nd Dollphie Dolls for the event).

A song featured on the Project Diva X PS Vita demo is “raspberry * monster“. Some new features have been already reported like a new UI layout, the new “Rush Notes”, “Live Quest”, and “Free Play” modes. But people are reporting the demo has some F 2nd feel that lets the player feel familiar with the game despite the new gameplay and new feature changes.

The Project Morpheus x Hatsune Miku Project Diva x SEGA demo was available at the event. People had a lot of fun experiencing a virtual concert:

And of course, lots of SEGA x Miku exclusive merch:


1) Medicom RAH Project Diva F 2nd 1:6 figure

2) GSC x Max Factory: Project Diva F 2nd Orange Blossom figure prototype reveal


3) Volks Inc.: Project Diva F 2nd Dollphie Dolls showcase

[images via SEGA Japan twitter, Famitsu, Dengeki]


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