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Yu Suzuki gives us an update on Shenmue III’s progress

It has been a while since your last update from Suzuki-san, but he is back to give us some more news regarding Shenmue III’s progress. When it comes to the composition stage of the game, Suzuki-san says he had to restructure the story to fit with Shenmue III’s scope.

Shenmue III is based on the 11 chapters created 17 years ago, and each chapter is set in different regions. For example, the first chapter was set in Yokosuka, second was set in Hong Kong and so on. However, we cannot finish with just one chapter in one region, so I had to restructure the story to fit within the scope of Shenmue III.” —  Yu Suzuki 

In addition to the development process of the game, Yu Suzuki also mentions that he might make an appearance at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

I am thinking about seeing the 2015 Tokyo Game Show which will be held in September. Also, I am planning to travel to China this October to both attend a game show called CHUAPP×2015, and also to do some location scouting for Shenmue III’s development.” — Yu Suzuki 

Suzuki-san provided a chart of Shenmue III’s Development process which you can check out below. For the full interview, you can click here to read it!


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