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Is Universal Pictures acquiring rights for a Golden Axe movie?

Accoring to Heroic Hollywood site, rumors are going about Universal Pictures in talks with Tokyo based Stories International (a joint subsidiary between SEGA and Hakuhodo DY Group), which we reported earlier acquired SEGA’s IP library rights to adapt into movies, cartoons, and TV shows, to produce a Golden Axe Live Action Movie. According to the site, talks occurred during this summer, with Universal Pictures wanting to get more than one property into the deal but moving forward with Golden Axe for now.

For now, we know SEGA is moving forward with its Marza Studio for a Sonic Live Action x Animated Movie, and looking for more IPs to get into more entertainment formats.

As we all know, Golden Axe is SEGA AM1’s (Altered Beast, etc.) legendary side scroll 4 player Beat ’em Up – Hack n’ Slash Arcade hit title (which was later ported into SEGA Genesis, Computer, and digital download versions), with an epic story about 4 warriors trying to free the land of Yuria from Death Adder, who bears the legendary Golden Axe. Would you be excited to see a Golden Axe movie? Let us know in our comments section!

[source: Heroic Hollywood]

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