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PlayStation’s Gio Corsi says that it was difficult to keep Shenmue III a secret

Ever since Sony’s reveal at this year’s E3, many fans are still in disbelief that the sequel to Shenmue II is real and it’s coming. In a recent interview with Gamespot, Director of Third Party and Production Gio Corsi states that keeping Shenmue III a secret was extremely difficult.

“Ah dude, keeping Shenmue a secret was really tough,” said Corsi. “We had two codenames: one was Ebisu which is a district in Japan, and the other was ramen because it’s my favourite food. Only a handful of people within Sony knew what those code names meant.”

As soon as Sony began the #BuildingTheList campaign, Corsi said that Shenmue was right at the top of the list. Now that Shenmue III has been fully funded, Corsi reiterated Sony’s role in the development of the game.

“Through Third-Party Productions we’re going to offer production support, milestone reviews, [and generally help] Yu Suzuki and his team through development, while our partner alliance team will help with PR, getting the demos and the trailers out, and, when the time comes, the opportunity to show the game at events,” Corsi said. “[We’ll help to] release the game and get it through submission for both the physical and digital copies.”

The full video (which you can check above) has more details about Shenmue III and Gio Corsi, as well as a discussion on the psychology behind contributors to Kickstarter campaigns, which I thought was fascinating.

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