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Watch the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax EVO 2015 Streams again

Missed the SEGA Dengeki Bunko EVO 2015 tournament? The Numaki channel, responsible for theĀ streams at Anime Evo: Waifu Series (long title that makes a lot of sense for the genre) has the entire streams now available for watching.

There were a couple of interesting highlights like:

– SEGA officially giving prizes to competitors.
– SoA’s Sam Mullen attending the event, so there was player and localizing producer interaction.
– A high profile level of competition on all matches.
– More than 45 entries for the tournament.
– Famous Japanese stream game journalist and cosplayer idol Nagi entered the DFC tournament.
-GO1 won the tournament.

Below, some of the main streams:

[sourceĀ Numaki channel]


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