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SEGA announces 3D Streets of Rage 2 delay

3D Streets of Rage 2 was set to release this time next week (July 16, to be exact), but SEGA announced M2’s next entry in the 3D Classics series has met an unfortunate delay. The game will now be released the following week on July 23.

No specific reason was given for the delay, other than SEGA’s announcement on Twitter.

Streets of Rage 2 is the first of three new Genesis titles added to the latest wave of 3D Classics. The other two, Gunstar Heroes and Sonic 2, will release in August and September, respectively.

The game will come with several new features, including a Quartet mode, which is explained below:

  • When you first start the game in “Quartet” mode, you have four lives and must choose your preferred order of characters (Let’s say your chosen order is Skate, Blaze, Max and Axel).
  • Once Skate dies in battle, Blaze will come in to replace him, followed by Max and Axel.
  • Once all the characters have fallen, you’ll lose a life, and you’ll begin again with Skate, followed by the others in the same order.
  • You can gain life-ups if you have three or less lives, but four lives are the maximum you can have.

Chris Powell

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