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*Update* Former MGS 4 producer convinced Suzuki to create a Shenmue III Kickstarter

*Update* In the latest e-mail sent out to those who contributed to the Shenmue III Kickstarter, YS Net thanks the architect for the PS4, Mark Cerny. Cerny was also one of the first people to suggest Kickstarter as an option for Shenmue III. Mark Cerny had some positive words to say about the project, which you can read below:

“It’s really exciting to see Yu Suzuki back hard at work in the universe of Shenmue. The first two titles innovated in so many ways – the combination of revolutionary cinematic experiences, deep world simulation, and fresh approaches to gameplay was truly memorable. I can’t wait to see how Shenmue 3 turns out!”

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If there’s one person who you might want to thank for bringing Shenmue III to Kickstarter, it’s former Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ryan Payton. According to a recent e-mail that was sent out to everyone that pledged money for Shenmue III, Payton was the one who helped push Yu Suzuki to do a Kickstarter for the beloved sequel.

If you were wondering why someone like Ryan Payton would be invested in the creation of Shenmue III, check out the video above! Payton discusses how Shenmue had influenced him to create games and the impact that Shenmue left on his life. I hope everyone can take the time to go and thank Mr. Payton ( @ryanpayton )!


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