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Social Media Admin Kellie Parker leaves SEGA, Aaron Webber returns

An era has come to an end as Kellie Parker, the Social Media Admin for Sonic the Hedgehog, has left SEGA. Parker joined the company in 2008 where she managed Sonic’s social media presence for nearly 7 years. Parker sent out a heartfelt message as well as some good news to all of her followers through the SEGA blog:

“It has been my honor to “be” Sonic the Hedgehog on social media, and to serve Sonic fans around the world. Although I will no longer be at SEGA, I leave you in capable, and perhaps familiar hands. Aaron Webber, known to many Sonic fans as RubyEclipse (and the same Aaron whose desk we made into Green Hill Zone) will be taking over social media and community relations for Sonic.”

While it is sad to see Kellie Parker go, we are happy to welcome back Aaron Webber to SEGA. We wish you guys all the best!

(via SEGA Blog )

Marcin Gulik

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