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SEGA latest financial report shows a growth in sales

A new financial report has been released by SEGA, and the numbers show a promising increase in sales. The House of Sonic increased its software sales by a strong 41 percent in the fiscal year that ended in March.

Overall, SEGA sold 12.3 million units of its physical games, up 41 per cent year-on-year and 1 million units more than what the company predicted in February. The game division earned ¥111 billion ($925.7m) in revenue, which is up 11 percent with ¥44.8 billion coming from physical sales and ¥44.7 billion from digital sales.

Here are the sales numbers of SEGA’s most recent game releases:


  • Alien: Isolation – 2.11 million units
  • Football Manager 2015 – 810,000 units
  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric/Shattered Crystal – 620,000 units
  • Yakuza Zero – 380,000 units
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – 280,000 units

When it comes to SEGA’s mobile/PC division, the company reports strong sales from Chain Chronicle, Puyopuyo!! Quest, Ange Vierge, and Phantasy Star Online 2. SEGA has also stated that they will release 47 digital games by the end of March 31st, 2016. 46 of the digital games will be free-to-play, while the last game will be pay-to-play.

According to the nominations report, which was released simultaneously with the financial report, the Hajime Satomi is being considered for Chairman of the Board and CEO and Haruki Satomi is up for the Director position.

You can read more of the financial details here and here.



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