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The missing song from Rez’s soundtrack has been released

Rez, the critically acclaimed rail shooter music video game, is notable for its fantastic soundtrack. Fans of the series might remember that the Area 5 theme Fear on the CD soundtrack  is different from the song featured in the actual game. GO-GO-GST, a super fan of the Rez series, has painstakingly reconstructed the Rez composer song.

“This Freeland track has seen many incarnations, but the in-game version of the tune has never seen a release, possibly due to the fact that the sample of California Soul may in fact have been uncleared at the time of its use in Rez. Knowing this, I’ve decided to rip all of Rez’s sound data and resequence the song in what feels like a proper order.”

GO-GO-GST does mention that Fear “doesn’t stay true to the 10-plus minute long Area 5 sequence exactly in an effort to be more enjoyable outside of the game’s environment and more as a standalone track.”

You can listen and download his version of the song by clicking here!

[via GO-GO-GST Blog]


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