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SEGA ranked as 13th highest grossing mobile publisher last year

02-App-Annie-Index-Top-52-Publishers-of-2014-TableSEGA has been ranked the 13th highest grossing mobile publisher in 2014 by app analytic website App Annie. Every year, App Annie ranks the top 52 grossing mobile developers and creates a unique deck of cards. This year, SEGA is the Jack of Spades.

SEGA beat out the likes of Square Enix, Zynga, DeNA, Gameloft, Disney, Sony and Microsoft. SEGA moved up one spot from last year when it finished 14th behind Zynga.

App Annie combines its own data gathering technology with mobile sales estimator Intelligence to determine its rankings that combine iOS and Android sales.

Judging by the rankings, it appears that SEGA’s decision to focus on mobile gaming has been paying dividends. The company released several high-profile mobile games last year, including Chain Chronicle, Sonic & All-Stars Racing, Sonic CD, Super Monkey Ball Bounce, Jet Set Radio and Dragon Coins, to name a few.

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