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Alex Kidd in Radaxian Rumble aims to improve on Miracle World

Longtime fans of the series might still remember the first time they played Alex Kidd in Miracle World. The challenging platformer had many gamers glued to their television screens, attempting to figure out Alex Kidd’s secrets. A fan of the series has taken the original Alex Kidd in Miracle World game and tweaked it, providing fans a new challenge to the SEGA classic.

In addition to changes in level design, he also gave the game an audiovisual update and smoother game-play. The full list of changes can be seen below:

– Improved hit detection (1.02e).
– No code needed to continue if you have enough money (1.02e).
– Less slippery movement and somewhat better air control (1.02c).
– Faster crawling (1.02c).
– New level designs. No level is quite the same as before, and one or two are completely new.
– New palettes in every level.
– New mechanics and puzzles based on old assets.
– New music and sprite designs.
– Less Janken/Rock, Paper, Scissors.
– Swapped buttons. A/1 is now punch/select.

For those who wish to play Alex Kidd in Radaxian Rumble, you can click here to download the file. The creator of the game promises more updates in the future, further separating itself from the original game. You can check out the comparison screenshots below to see the differences!



Source: Mini-RevverĀ 

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