Football Manager Classic 2015 soon available on tablets

Football Manager 2015 released late last year on PC, tablets and smartphones, but now a simpler version of the game is coming to iOS and Android tablets this week in the form of Football Manager Classic 2015.

Boasting real clubs from more than 115 leagues from more than 50 countries, Football Manager Classic 2015 will officially be available on Friday for £14.99 for those in the UK. This game has several improvements and features over Football Manager 2015 on tablets, including more than 150,000 players versus about 30,000 players, respectively. It also features the popular 3D match engine, whereas Football Manager 2015 only had 2D.

“Getting a full game mode from the home computer version of Football Manager onto tablets has been a dream of ours for a couple of years,” Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson said. “Finally there are some devices powerful enough to allow us to do this and we’re delighted to bring the most sophisticated football management experience to tablets to date.”

The full device list can be found here.

[Via MCV UK]



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