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SEGA’s restructure plans are now in effect

SEGA has officially begun its restructuring initiative today, with the layoffs that were planned to happen already finished and the company’s fiscal year starting again. Starting today, SEGA Sammy Holdings will conduct operations through three independent business groups: SEGA Interactive, SEGA Holdings, and SEGA Live Creation. SEGA Corp. and SEGA Networks have been combined under the SEGA Games branch.

Hatime Satomi Jr., the son of the current owner of SEGA Sammy, will now be the CEO of SEGA Games. In addition to management restructuring, SEGA’s website are seeing an overhaul as well. SEGA of America’s website is currently undergoing maintenance to reflect the changes SEGA Sammy has made to the company. Keep checking back with SEGA Nerds for the latest updates on the company’s restructuring!

Marcin Gulik

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