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A Symphonic SEGA Concert will be held in Japan

The next Tokyo Chamber Orchestra concert in their “Game Symphony” series will be SEGA themed. “Game Symphony Japan 14th Concert : SEGA Special vol.1” will be performed on October 10 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space in Japan. Tickets range will go from  ¥6,500 to  ¥8,500.

The concert will be held in collaboration with SEGA of Japan itself, so it will be an official concert. SEGA has previously offered symphonic music concerts before, but only for specific titles like Sakura Wars or Phantasy Star, this is one of the few times symphonic arrangements will be done for a concert that involves a major variety of SEGA games.

Symphonic SEGA

Game Symphony Japan 14th Concert: SEGA Special vol.1
Performers: Tokyo Chamber Orchestra
Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus
Director: Kenichi Shimura with arrangements by Mainemainuku
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater Concert Hall
Date: October 10, 2015 16:30 curtain (15:45 doors open)
Ticket Prices:  ¥6,500 to  ¥8,500

[UPDATE: June 3rd, 2015]
SEGA has revealed which melodies are going to be performed for each game! Revealing the full program and a Symphonic Sonic!

Game Symphony Japan 14th Concert : SEGA Special vol.1″

October 10 – Cutains Open at 16:30 PM

Symphonic SEGA program


  • M · A · O as Dreamcast
  • Izawa Shiori as Mega Drive
  • Yuko Takayama as Master System


  • Iizuka Takashi (“Sonic” series producer)
  • Senoue Jun (“Sonic” series sound director)
  • Mitsuyoshi Takenobu (sound creator)
  • Ulala with a “Space Channel 5” special news report
  • And many more!

symphonic sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Chemical Plant Zone
  • Sonic & Knuckles: Sky Sanctuary Zone

Sonic Adventure

  • Sonic Adventure: Emerald Coast Zone
  • Sonic Adventure 2: City Escape / Live & Learn (Instrumental)

  • Segagaga March

Space Channel 5:

  • Mexican flyer
  • Ulala’s Swinging Report Show
  • Spaceport: Introducing Ulala! !

Roomania #203

  • Halo-halo Nari Jans Ondo

Sakura Wars:

  • Drama! Empire Hana!

Fantasy Zone:

  • OPA-OPA!

Virtua Fighter 2:

  • Beginning
  • Akira
  • Lion
  • Kage-Maru

Daytona USA:

  • Let’s Go Away

Virtual On Force:

  • Conquista Ciela

Project Rub

  • I will do anything for you [full version]
  • The Rub Rabbits! : Heaven and Hell [full version]

Burning Rangers:

  • Angels With Burning Hearts
NiGHTs into Dreams…

  • Fragmented Nights
  • Gate of Your Dream
  • Paternal Horn
  • Gloom of The NHC
  • Suburban Museum
  • The Amazing Water
  • Take The Snow Train
  • Under Construction
  • The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream
  • She Had Long Ears
  • Deep It Lies
  • E-LE-KI Sparkle
  • The Mantle
  • NiGHTS and Reala
  • Growing Wings
  • D’Force Master
  • Peaceful Moment
  • NiGHTS, Forever in Our Heart
  • Sowing Seeds
  • Dreams Dreams
  • Fragmented Nights: Epilogue Ver.

The SEGA Music composers and the Tokyo Chamber Orchestra are getting ready!

Let’s hope SEGA releases this marvelous concert as a CD or BR/DVD!

via [Game Symphony Japan]


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