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SEGA’s Steam weekend sale begins today


Great news SEGA Nerds! SEGA has joined forces with Steam for a weekend of damn sexy offers!

Starting today (Thursday 26th March) the SEGA Steam sale will run until Monday, March 30th at 9am PST/5pm GMT/6pm.

Throughout the duration of the promotion, a massively discounted SEGA Bundle will be available and will include 93 SEGA titles worth $990.01 with a 92% discount – costing a mere $79.99/£59.99/€69.99 to you or I!

Games in the sale include:

  • Football Manager 2015 – 33% discount
  • Total War – 75% discount
    • Plus half-price DLC
  • Company of Heroes – 75% discount
    • Plus half-price DLC
  • Dawn of War back catalogues – 75% discount
    • Plus half-price DLC
  • Typing of the Dead – 75% discount
  • Alien: Isolation – 75% discount

But that’s not all. In addition to these and plenty of other games in the sale, SEGA has announced the launch of the Typing of the Dead Creator on Friday, March 27. This tool will allow players to produce their own custom dictionaries to use in Typing of the Dead.

And today also sees the return of Eastside Hockey Manager as it launches on Steam Early Access. After a six year hiatus during which the game had been maintained by a small and passionate team of developers at Sports Interactive, it’s back for Ice Hockey fans everywhere to get involved with during its ongoing development.

I don’t know what you’re doing still reading this – go buy some sweet, sweet SEGA titles, cheap as chips!

Graham Cookson

I'm the European Editor of SEGA Nerds and co-founder of the original SEGA Nerds website with Chris back in 2004 or 2005 (genuinely can't remember which year it was now!). I've been a SEGA fan pretty much all my gaming life - though I am also SEGA Nerds' resident Microsoft fanboy (well, every site needs one) and since SEGA went third party, I guess it's now ok to admit that I like Nintendo and Sony too :0) I'm also the Content Manager of the big data company, Digital Contact Ltd, in the UK: http://digitalcontact.co.uk/company/team/

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